The laboratory planning should not be considered as the simple supply of furniture, instruments and material, but rather as an integral part of the production plant with which it must work in synergy.
The many years of experience and the implementation of dozens of quality control laboratories all over the world, allows RG Strumenti technicians to initially propose themselves as consultants to study at best in collaboration with the client, the solution suited to their needs.
This is why we always start by asking for some information regarding the production process to be controlled. It is essential to know exactly  what are the raw materials that you want to use, how the production process will take place, how the finished product will be presented, what kind of packaging will be used for storing and distributing the product, and finally which room or rooms are dedicate for the realization of the laboratory.
Only at this point can the real design work begin: the customer is provided with a lay-out with the arrangement of the technical furniture and an estimate is made of the devices that will be used to perform the chemical-physical and microbiological analyzes of the raw materials and of the finished product, for the control of critical points of the production process (HACCP), and of the packaging used.