AMTG-2 Spessimetro magnetico digitale
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Manufacturer AT2E

It is saturated developed on the basis of the Hall effect (magnetic fields). The measurement process is simple:

- Place the metal ball on one side of the sample and the probe on the other side
- Move the sample by positioning the sphere on the part to be checked
- The metal ball will be attracted to the probe automatically
- The probe will measure the distance between its end and the metal ball


Non-destructive measurement
Display with 7 "high resolution touch screen
Dynamic display: Measured value / graph / date / time / battery status
Aluminum structure
Fast and accurate thickness measurement
Possibility to mimic the thickness even in irregular geometries and with difficult to reach corners
Value shown on the display in real time
Automatic acquisition of the Maximum and minimum values ​​measured
Ability to display the difference between the set value (target) and the actual value
Ability to display maximum, minimum and average value of a preset time frame.
Possibility of starting and stop timed to have hands free when measuring large samples.
Ability to set alarm levels to which a great acoustic and visual signal corresponds on the display
Login with password (settable)
Memory of 9999 measures

Technical specifications:

Measurement mode: Normal / High accuracy
Display mode: Real-time / Minimum or Maximum
Resolution: 0.01mm or 0.001mm (0.001 "or 0.0001")
Outputs: RS-232
Calibration: on more points (up to a maximum of 13)
Power supply: DC 8.4V
Battery: Rechargeable lithium battery. Battery life without charging approx. 2/3 hours of actual work.
Unit of measurement: mm / Inch
English language
Dimensions: 210 x 150 x 65 mm
Tool weight: 2 kg (suitcase weight and accessories: 5 kg)
Measurement and accuracy range (Optional from 0 to 8 mm)

Sphere diameter Maximum measurable thickness Accuracy
4.76 mm 6.35 mm 1% ±0.003
3.18 mm 4.57 mm 2%
1.59 mm 2.29 mm 3%


Standard configuration:

Standard probe with support and connection cable
Instruction manual
Battery charger
Measuring spheres: 1.59 / 3.18 / 4.76 mm
Start and stop pedal
Transport suitcase
Available calibration blocks: 0.23 / 0.5 / 1/2/3/4/5 mm (possibility of other customized ones)