Product Code: VLT


Manufacturer AT2E
RG Strumenti offers an indispensable tool for the leak tests in any type of packaging, rigid or flexible. The instrument is highly modulated according to final needs and able to give a fast, accurate and repeatable results. The use is extremely simple, as the operator just place the sample (s) inside the cell, operate the pump (or act on the lever in the basic version) and check the tightness of the package. To locate the leak it is possible to use the cell with water. It does not require any particular maintenance except for cleaning the cell (because it remains transparent) in case of breakage of the sample.
Available in two models: ECO version with manual setting and adjustment, standard version with controls placed in a stainless steel box.
Technical specifications:
Vacuum settable up to - 999mb
Tank size on request
Bath in transparent PMMA
Simple and safe to use
Touch-screen display
2 programmable vacuum steps (and relative times)
(Optional the possibility of 3 steps)
0.5% accuracy of the measured value
Venturi type vacuum generator
Work with factory compressed air (6 bar)
Simple and fast verification and calibration
Immersion system for water tests
High performance vacuum pump (up to -999 mbar)