Camera climatica memmert serie hpp
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Construction features

External structure, door and internal chamber in stainless steel.
Double door: one external stainless steel completely thermally insulated and another internal tempered glass
Door opening system easy to use, with possibility of inversion of the opening direction
PELTIER effect heating / cooling system.

Technical features

Forced air circulation
2 PT100 4-wire temperature sensors
Temperature range from 0 to 70 ° C or from 10 to 40 ° C with internal lighting (options T7 and T8)
Active humidity control system with hot steam generation through connection to external water container and dehumidification system with Peltier technology cold trap
Relative humidity range from 10 to 90% - from 10 to 85% with internal lighting (T7 and T8 options)
CONTROLCOCKPIT dual display digital control with:
Display and setting of the temperature with 0.1 ° C resolution
Display and setting of relative humidity with resolution 1%
Setting date, time, menu language and other working parameters
Timer from 1 minute to 99 days and 23 hours
Waiting time function for counting the working time only upon reaching the desired operating temperature
User identification function to avoid tampering by unauthorized personnel
Graphic display of the work program
Self-diagnosis with visual and audible alarm messages due to overheating and other anomalies
Calibration of the temperature that can be performed by the user on 3 points of your choice
Multiple over-temperature protections according to DIN 12880 user selectable:
TWW Class 3.3: security that can be set with over and under operating temperature limits. It intervenes in case of anomaly of the main regulator and continues to thermostat to the limits set in alarm conditions
TWB Class 2: safety with adjustable overtemperature limit. Switches the peltier cells on and off if the set value is exceeded
ASF device that activates an adjustable bandwidth corridor with over and under temperature tolerance.
Setting limits of minimum and maximum temperature and minimum and maximum relative humidity
Internal data logger with at least 10-year memory of current / set temperature, humidity and error messages according to GLP
ATMOCONTROL windows software for data download to PC from internal data logger, online monitoring of up to 32 Memmert instruments, automatic sending of alarm signals to one or more email addresses, programming, implementation of temperature and relative humidity profiles
Built-in USB for loading temperature programs using the supplied Atmocontrol software and downloading data from the internal data logger
Ethernet interface for use of ATMOCONTROL software via PC / network


No. 2 grilled shelves
Calibration certificate at 10 and 37 ° C and at 60% rH at 30 ° C on a point in the middle of the chamber


E06192 USB / Ethernet adapter
K1 reinforced inner chamber to increase the load capacity of individual shelves from 30 to 60 kg (model 750 only)
D00105 calibration certificate on a temperature and humidity point of your choice
T7 cold light lighting composed of 10 led units for model 110 and 14 led for model 260, arranged on the side walls of the room. Lighting intensity of 10,000 lux. Panel regulation and programming in 10% steps. Only for models 110 and 260
T8 warm light illumination as K7 code but with alternating hot and cold light LEDs. Only for models 110 and 260
R3 internal socket 230V / 2.2 A with IP68 seal
Additional shelves, holes for inserting probes, IQ-OQ and other accessories available on request

Available models

Model 110 260 750*
Volume Lt 108 256 749
Internal Dimensions: Width mm 560 640 1040
Height mm 480 800 1200
Depth mm 400 500 600
Supplied shelves / Max shelves 2/5 2/9 2/14
External dimensions: Width mm 745 824 1224
Height mm 867 1186 1726
Peso max. su ciascun ripiano   30 Kg vers. standard – 60 Kg con camera versione rinforzata (cod. K1)(**)

Depth (with handle + 56 mm)

mm 674 774 874
Net weight Kg 86 103 234
Supply power V/~/Hz 220/1/50
Power Max. Absorbed W 350 525 1050


(*) Model 750 mounted on 4 swivel wheels with brake
(**) For model 750 only