RG Strumenti S.r.l.

RG Strumenti is a new commercial reality born from the experience of young and dynamic professionals in the field of scientific instrumentation.
RG Strumenti deals with the design and planning of complete laboratories. RGstrumenti is also a distributor of laboratory equipment and accessories for research centers and quality control laboratories. RG strumenti supply also equipment for industrial processes verification. The strengths of RG Strumenti are the depth knowledge of the proposed instrumentation, the extreme attention to customer needs and the ability to provide  the analyst the most appropriate equipment to his specific needs.

RG Strumenti rely on knowledge of different industrial processes and on direct dialogue with the customer: only listening every day to the analyst or the production manager, you can understand what are their real needs.
The staff of RG Strumenti are involved in several  update missions  abroad in order to identify such new equipment that can comply  the analytical problems encountered.
The products offered are carefully selected as well as suppliers, which must ensure adequate delivery time, technical accuracy and speed in after sale service and spyware, as required by the exigencies of the modern market. For this reasons RG Strumenti has joint some distribution agreements with leading Italian and foreign companies in the instruments production field.